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15 July 2013

What the Abbottabad report didn’t reveal

Asia Times Online republished Gateway House Fellow Sameer Patil's article on the controversial leaked report about the US military raid in Abbottabad. He argues that the inability of Pakistani civilian and military institutions to detect Osama Bin Laden's presence reveals the extent of their inefficiency.

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12 July 2013

What the Abbottabad report reveals

How did the Pakistani military fail to detect the raid in Abbottabad or the presence of Osama bin Laden? A report by a judicial commission in Pakistan, leaked by a TV channel on Monday, reveals the extent of the incompetence of civilian and military institutions, and the army’s complicity with the U.S.

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8 May 2013

Pakistan elections: Tweedledum & Tweedledee

The national election in Pakistan looks like a game of polarisation, but if democracy is meant to provide some relief and prosperity, all political parties have flopped, bottom up. The field is now wide open, and anything can happen - including a hung parliament.

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6 September 2012

Pakistan: Supreme Court vs. Democracy

The ongoing political chaos in Pakistan indicates that the Supreme Court is bent on weakening civilian authority and strengthening Army control in the country – which is unfavourable for Pakistan and its neighbours alike.

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5 September 2012

Non-performing asset

Hindustan Times published Gateway House's Amit Baruah's article on the role of the Supreme Court in Pakistan. He argues that the Supreme Court appears to be bent on weakening civilian authority and strengthening army control in the country – which is unfavourable for Pakistan and its neighbours alike.

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17 July 2012

Pakistani tycoon targets India banking

Gateway House's Ambassador Neelam Deo was quoted in a Financial Times article on Pakistani FDIs in India. She argues that it might take a while for Pakistani financial institutions to set up businesses in India, but it will happen.

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23 May 2012

NATO-Pakistan: Frigid in Chicago

Pakistan’s refusal to re-open NATO supply routes into Afghanistan has made the country an instant pariah in the U.S. at the NATO Summit. The communiqué released confirms a withdrawal of 130,000 troops by as early as mid-2013. Can the remaining soldiers help maintain peace when a force much larger could not?

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6 April 2012

Petit, not grand geste on India-Pakistan

Asif Ali Zardari, who previously made sound pronouncements on Indo-Pakistan ties, will soon be the first Pakistani President to visit India since 2005. Though he has a reputation and interest in business affairs, a modest, innocuous deal may work better this time than the lofty promises made in the past.

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20 January 2012

Can Pakistan sustain its Democracy?

The current standoff between the Pakistani Government and the Supreme Court is yet another sign of Pakistan’s instable democracy. Will this lead to another transition to military rule? Or will the pillars of the media and the judiciary be able to bring about a balance?