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12 August 2015

Will Rajapaksa return?

After losing power in January, Mahinda Rajapaksa, former president of Sri Lanka, is trying to re-enter politics by contesting for the prime minister’s seat in the elections on August 17. If he wins, it could destabilise Sri Lanka’s politics and impact relations with India, which had been hit under Rajapaksa’s rule. The future scenario will become clearer by next week.

Yal Railway Line Courtesy: flickr.com/presidentrajapaksa
17 October 2014

India’s imperatives in Sri Lanka

India has tried to address the concerns of Sri Lankan Tamils through projects such as the recently-inaugurated railway between Jaffna and Colombo. But their aspirations for autonomy in the North and East remain unfulfilled, and New Delhi faces a dilemma—pushing Colombo on political issues can drive it closer to Beijing

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22 February 2013

India: Still at the Center of the Indian Ocean

In the recent months, New Delhi’s diplomacy in the Indian Ocean region has seen several upheavals. However, despite speculation to the contrary, why India is far from losing strategic influence in the Indian Ocean region?

Mending India-Sri Lanka relations Courtesy: PMO
24 September 2012

Mending India-Sri Lanka relations

It is evident that Tamil Nadu plays a large role in shaping India’s policy towards Sri Lanka. The recent visit to India by Sri Lanka’s President, coming promptly after aggressive rhetoric from Tamil Nadu, is yet another sign that foreign affairs cannot be outsourced to regional or state governments.

Winning the peace Courtesy: AndréPerron/WikimediaCommons
15 July 2011

Winning the peace

After 30 years of war, Sri Lanka’s Tamil community is finally connected again with the outside world. But peacetime has its own tensions -- and renewed conflict is always a possibility.

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13 June 2010

The many deals with Delhi

President Mahinda Rajapaksa's visit to New Delhi led to the conclusion of several treaties thus improving bilateral relations between the two countries. Will India's large Tamil population hamper this rekindled friendship?