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rajapaksa Courtesy: Sudath Silva/Flickr
12 August 2015 Gateway House

Will Rajapaksa return?

After losing power in January, Mahinda Rajapaksa, former president of Sri Lanka, is trying to re-enter politics by contesting for the prime minister’s seat in the elections on August 17. If he wins, it could destabilise Sri Lanka’s politics and impact relations with India, which had been hit under Rajapaksa’s rule. The future scenario will become clearer by next week.
Modi Sirisena Courtesy: gatewayhouse.in
13 February 2015 Gateway House

Turning point for India-Sri Lanka?

India has welcomed President Sirisena’s recent electoral victory largely because he is willing to check China’s rise in Sri Lanka. His visit to India next week is an opportunity for New Delhi to overcome its difficult relationship with former president Rajapaksa and offer its unconditional partnership to Colombo