boeing777_2 Courtesy: Aero Icarus/Wikimedia Commons
21 March 2014

MH370: India’s intelligence challenge

The talk about the missing Malaysian airlines being hijacked for an attack on an Indian city has necessitated an assessment of India’s counter-terrorism preparedness. India has strengthened its air defences on the tactical front but lags behind in intelligence sharing in aerial, land and maritime terror attacks

india-briefing-img. Courtesy: India Briefing
22 August 2013

The Falling Rupee Ushers in India as a Global Trade Dynamo

The U.S. economy is recovering, and the dollar strengthening, the lack of which has been behind much of the Global Financial Crisis over the past four years, and one that is largely responsible for the slowdown in China’s manufacturing. This is not a crisis, it’s a rebalancing, and the same is true for India.

Chidambaram and Ahluwalia Courtesy: Chandraguptamaurya/ Wikimedia Commons
15 July 2013

India-U.S.: Credibility lost

In the face of a sagging rupee and FDI flight from the country, three top ministers recently visited the U.S. to retell the growth story of India and its potential. However, American political and business leaders seem largely unimpressed by the pitch and want more from the India-U.S. equation

Mumbai blasts leave few leads Courtesy: International Herald Tribune
21 July 2011

Mumbai blasts leave few leads

On 13 July, the bustling city of Mumbai was rocked by three bomb blasts. Amid heavy rains, the perpetrators leave few leads. The Asian arm of the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune - Asia edition, quotes Neelam Deo, director of Gateway House, on the probable suspects and city’s reaction to the event.