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15 March 2014, Gateway House

Special focus: Ukraine

Ukraine is at a critical juncture following the collapse of its government after months of political turmoil. Gateway House looks at how India is likely to be affected by the sanctions on Russia, the parallels between the protests in Venezuela and in Ukraine, as well the roots of the Ukraine conflict

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Here are links to articles for this Gateway House special:

‘Sanctions on Russia could impact India’ 

Neelam Deo, Director, Gateway House, talks about the potential economic impact of the ongoing crisis in the Ukraine. In this interview, she also examines the aid packages offered to Ukraine by Russia and the West, and assesses how the situation will affect India’s trade relations

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‘No hope for a regime change’ 

R. Viswanathan, Distinguished Fellow, Latin America Studies, Gateway House, has been following the movements in Ukraine and Venezuela closely. In this interview, he explains the parallels and the impact on Venezuela

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‘U.S.: Prolific on sanctions’

The recent U.S. sanctions against Russia and the Ukraine is the latest in a long list of countries and organisations that have been targeted by Washington over the past decades. Gateway House looks at the U.S.’s prolific sanction programme

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Ukraine : Reviewing the fault lines 

Crimea will hold a referendum this weekend on secession from Ukraine. The current crisis has brought to the fore Cold War era hostilities. However, an unstable Ukraine is in no one’s interest as it has implications for the region and the EU-Russia trade relationship

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