National Assembly Of Pakistan Courtesy: National Assembly Of Pakistan
19 March 2013

Pakistan: Civil-military rebalancing?

Although the 13th National Assembly of Pakistan became the first ever to complete its full term, on March 17, the period was also marked by severe sectarian violence, foreign policy shifts and other internal issues. How have these dynamics played out in defining Pakistan’s polity and economy in the recent years?

21 November 2012

Lula returns to India

The enigmatic former president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (or simply Lula), will visit India to receive the Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development. Though India and Brazil share many commonalities, a belief in inclusive growth amidst huge social challenges is perhaps most significant.

Americas Quarterly_1 Courtesy: Americas Quarterly
28 August 2012

India and CELAC: Beyond Commodities

Americas Quarterly published Gateway House's Hari Seshasayee's article on the India-CELAC relations. He examines whether given the increased political will from both sides, can CELAC be the driver for India-Latin America relations or will bilateral ties maintain the status quo?

the_diplomat_feature_logo_1 Courtesy: The Diplomat
15 August 2012

An Independence Day Reflection

The Diplomat republished Gateway House's Ambassador Neelam Deo's article on the factors that impede the smooth functioning of democracy, in India and abroad. She argues that it is imperative to find ways to confront the shortcomings that have crept into our cherished democracies.

largest arms importer Courtesy: Ajai Shukla/WikimediaCommons
4 July 2012

Revitalising India’s ailing arms industry

Various unfavourable factors, attributed to both the government and the military, have resulted in dubbing India as the world’s largest arms importer. These factors – corruption, political interference and bureaucratic lethargy – have contributed to an absence of clarity on the use of arms in diplomacy.

south asia monitor Courtesy: South Asia Monitor
2 July 2012

Revitalising India’s ailing arms industry

South Asia Monitor published Xerxes Adrianwalla's article on India's expensive arms imports. He writes that India needs to shake off political interference and bureaucratic lethargy, and awaken its somnolent arms manufacturing sector to break away from expensive imports.

BRICS: An alternate financial framework Courtesy: PMO
27 June 2012

BRICS: An alternate financial framework

The Western-dominated financial system that is strangling Iran with sanctions today can do the same to BRICS oil exporters tomorrow, should their geopolitics be deemed inconvenient. Hence, there is urgency for the BRICS nations to create a new financial architecture for mutual economic benefit.

Live Mint_0_1 Courtesy: Live Mint
18 June 2012

The new emerging donors at Rio

Live Mint, a business daily, republished Gateway House researcher, Estefanía Marchán's article on the Rio+20 Conference. She writes about emerging economies aggressively joining the ranks of international donors in financial aid and why the BRICS nations need more flexible platforms for international engagement.

Rio + 20: Accommodating new global donors Courtesy: PMO
13 June 2012

Rio + 20: Accommodating new global donors

In an age fraught with economic malaise and fragmented political interests, can there truly be a unified vision of a future we want? What should we infer from the current phenomenon of emerging economies aggressively joining the ranks of international donors in financial aid?