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1 August 2014

In Business: scripting Indo-U.S. story afresh

Akshay Mathur, Head of Research a Gateway House was interviewed by Bloomberg TV India about the significance of India's position on the Trade Facilitation Agreement at the WTO and the India-U.S Strategic Dialogue.

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31 July 2014

The BRICS Development Bank

The sixth BRICS summit saw the finalising of a development bank to be set up by the member countries. Akshay Mathur, Head of Research, Gateway House was interviewed on the India Business Report to talk about the opportunities and challenges facing the New Development Bank

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31 July 2014

WTO Standoff: India Stands Firm

Rajni Bakshi, Gandhi Peace Fellow, Gateway House, was interviewed by Bloomberg TV on India's stand on the Trade Facilitation Agreement in WTO, Geneva

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17 July 2014

PM’s BRICS Agenda: global politics

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in Brazil for the 6th BRICS summit to be held over the next two days. This will be Modi's first multi-lateral summit after taking charge on the 26th of May. To discuss this, Bloomberg TV India spoke to Manjeet Kripalani, Executive Director, Gateway House.

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16 July 2014

PM Modi Attends sixth BRICS Summit

As the BRICS leaders meet in Fortaleza, Brazil to discuss issues of mutual concern like security, trade, and the formation of the BRICS bank, Bloomberg TV India spoke to Akshay Mathur, Head of Research and Geo-economics Fellow at Gateway House on the eve of the sixth BRICS summit

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11 July 2014

World Population day

Rajni Bakshi, Senior Gandhi Peace Fellow, Gateway House spoke to CCTV on the occasion of World Population day on July 11. While highlighting the skewed male:female ratio she spoke about the urgent need to work on gender issues.

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4 July 2014

Hackers Find Open Back Door to Power Grid With Renewables

Sameer Patil, Associate Fellow, National Security, Gateway House, was interviewed by Bloomberg Business Week about the vulnerabilites associated with the introduction of new softwares

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24 June 2014

BRICS Summit: What will be on the table

The 6th BRICS summit is slated to be held in Brazil from July 15. Akshay Mathur, head of research, was interviewed by the Special Broadcasting Service, an Australian public broadcasting radio and television network, on what India will bring to the discussion table

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20 June 2014

In Business: Iraq Crisis: India’s Oil Story Hampered?

Manjeet Kripalani, co-founder, Gateway House, was interviewed by Bloomberg TV on how the escalating crisis in Iraq, seen as a fallout of sectarian strife is likely to impact India in the weeks ahead