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2 October 2013, The Hindu

The science of non-violence

The Hindu published Gateway House’s Rajni Bakshi’s article, ‘The science of non-violence.’ She argues that re-stating our intention in favour of non-violence is an essential starting point in addressing the several issues that plague our world today.

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History has shown by numerous examples that in the constant duel between the forces of violence and non-violence, it is the peaceful method that triumphs

Most of us long for a world in which there are no bombings, riots, wars — why then does non-violence seem so difficult to put into action?

The challenge of putting non-violence into action is twofold. During his trial, Nathuram Godse, Gandhi’s assassin, made an elaborate, almost eloquent, argument justifying the use of violence and explaining its necessity. The first aspect is to counter those, like Godse, who see violence as a necessity, as a means to be deployed to get what they want, or as a tool of either acquiring power or holding on to power.