Shai Venkatraman

Shai Venkatraman

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Shai Venkatraman is the former Mumbai Bureau Chief for NDTV 24/7. In her journalism career spanning over 17 years she has reported extensively on gender rights, public health, law and politics for TV as well as publications like Mint, The Telegraph, Dawn and Express Tribune. She has a Masters degree in broadcast journalism from Northeastern University, Boston. She was granted the 2010 Women’s Edition fellowship instituted by Population Reference Bureau, USAID. The two-yearlong program brings together senior-level editors, reporters, and producers from media organizations in developing countries to examine and report on women’s health and development.

Recent projects

hamied Courtesy: Wikipedia
23 September 2014 Gateway House

“India mustn’t relent on section 3(d)”

Yusuf K. Hamied, the chairman of Cipla, talks about the forthcoming meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and U.S. President Barack Obama. Speaking to Gateway House, he says he expects Obama to put pressure on India to change its position on patents
BOUTON Courtesy: Prachi Bidaye/Gateway House
20 February 2014 Gateway House

‘The biggest concern is trade’

Marshall Bouton, an expert on the India-U.S. bilateral, talks about how ties between the two countries can be repaired. In an interview to Gateway House, he also discusses the steps India must take to integrate with the global economy, and the U.S.’s plans in Afghanistan
patricksuckling Courtesy: Prachi Bidaye/Gateway House
18 February 2014 Gateway House

India-Australia: A win-win relationship

India and Australia share a colonial past, many civil and political institutions and democratic values. Gateway House interviews Patrick Suckling, Australian High Commissioner to India, on the current state of the bilateral and the role the Indian diaspora can play in strengthening this engagement
ambkatju2 Courtesy: Prachi Bidaye/Gateway House
16 January 2014 Gateway House

‘It is premature to make such attempts’

Vivek Katju, former Indian Ambassador to Afghanistan, says about India’s attempts to reintegrate the Afghan economy into the region. In an interview to Gateway House he also talks about why it will take time for Afghanistan to become a bridge for the flow of trade, and how the U.S.-Pakistan equation impacts India