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7 September 2023

Delhi Summit: Before the curtain rises

India’s presidency of the G20 has put a premium on its role as “the voice of the Global South”, even as it serves as the bridge between the Global South and the Global North. The upcoming Delhi Summit’s success will depend on India’s ability to balance diverse interests while broadening the areas of convergence and narrowing those of disagreement within the grouping.

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11 July 2023

SCO Summit: Same old, some new

The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation's growing importance is seen in the numerous new applicants waiting in line for membership. The 23rd SCO Summit hosted by India on July 4 saw progress in areas like digital transformation and economic cooperation. However, timidity in acting on foundational issues like anti-terrorism reflects the internal contradictions and tensions within member states - a continuing challenge for SCO.

Bringing the African Union into the G20
20 June 2023

Bringing the African Union into the G20

India's proposal to invite the African Union as a full member of the G20 comes three months before the Leaders’ Summit. The AU’s entry will make the grouping more representative and inclusive, thereby enhancing its moral credibility. For its part, the AU’S economic potential and mineral wealth can have a positive impact on decisions of global importance.

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14 June 2023

India’s G20 presidency at midpoint

India’s year-long G20 Presidency completed six months at a time of global economic slowdown and sharpening geopolitical contestation. While India has done well in leveraging the Presidency to articulate its vital goals, the success of the upcoming Delhi Summit will depend on achieving consensus, additionality, and implementability.

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15 May 2023

T20 Mid-Year Conference – At the heart of the Indo-Pacific: Why Mumbai Matters?

On 10-12 May, 2023, Manjeet Kripalani, Executive Director, Gateway House participated in the T20 Mid-year Conference hosted by Think20 and G20 in Mumbai. She delivered a special address on the integral position of Mumbai in the Indo-Pacific, pointing out the city’s historical, geopolitical, maritime, and commercial linkages with the Indian Ocean world.