bobs piece for 26,11 Courtesy: isafmedia/Flickr
18 November 2011

9/11 and 26/11: Are we any safer?

Last May, U.S. citizen David Headley confessed to being a spy for the Lashkar-e-Taiba. What no one has tackled yet is whether there are other Headleys out there whose actions threaten India, or any other country. Even with thousands of intelligence agencies scouting for terrorist activities, are we really safer?

Amendments in India’s Industrial Policy Courtesy: India Briefing
15 November 2011

Amendments in India’s Industrial Policy

Amendments in India's Industrial Policy has brought reduction in the number of industries reserved for public sector. The policy focuses on deregulating the Indian industry and providing it with more freedom and flexibility and facilitating growth within the country’s industry.