south african foreign policy initiative Courtesy: South African Foreign Policy Initiative
14 September 2012

BRICS: the new Syndicate

South African Foreign Policy Initiative republished Gateway House's report, titled 'BRICS: The new Syndicate.' This bi-annual report includes features written exclusively for Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations by various contributors, and Gateway House staff, from January-July 2012.

world policy institute Courtesy: World Policy Institute
13 September 2012

The Kurds: A Historic Opportunity?

World Policy Institute republished Gateway House's Azadeh Pourzand and Venessa Parekh's article on the Kurdish struggle for nationhood. They argue that although the Kurds are presented with a historic opportunity, autonomy is still a far-fetched quest for the Syrian Kurds, today.

Al Jazeera English Courtesy: Al Jazeera
12 September 2012

‘Coalgate’ blackens Indian leaders

Al Jazeera English quoted Gateway House's Akshay Mathur in their feature about India's coal scam. He argues that the current ruckus in parliament is both sad and amusing, as the privately-held coal blocks were only expected to account for less than 10 per cent of total production in the country.

the_diplomat_feature_logo_2 Courtesy: The Diplomat
11 September 2012

India’s Space Agency Conducts 100th Mission

The Diplomat republished Gateway House's Dinshaw Mistry's feature on India's 100th space mission. He argues that if its space assets are used effectively, India could have a formidable fleet of five to 10 satellites dedicated for military use, and dozens more for its economic development.

financial express Courtesy: Financial Express
7 September 2012

Indian missions release guidelines for land buys in LatAm countries

Financial Express quoted Gateway House's Hari Seshasayee in their article on India's land acquisition mission in Latin American countries. He argued that the acquisition of agricultural land will impact the broader population of Latin America less than that of rural, agriculture-dependent Africa.

HT Courtesy: Hindustan Times
5 September 2012

Non-performing asset

Hindustan Times published Gateway House's Amit Baruah's article on the role of the Supreme Court in Pakistan. He argues that the Supreme Court appears to be bent on weakening civilian authority and strengthening army control in the country – which is unfavourable for Pakistan and its neighbours alike.

china briefing_1 Courtesy: China Briefing
3 September 2012

On the Fast-Track: Technology Transfer in China

China Briefing republished Gateway House's Spike Nowak's feature on technology transfer in China. He explains how the economic heft and favourable policies of the Chinese government have aided the transfer of foreign technology to Chinese state-owned enterprises.

aq Courtesy: Americas Quarterly
1 September 2012

India’s Middle Class

Americas Quarterly, a journal dedicated to policy analysis, published Gateway House's hari Seshasayee's article on India's middle class population. He argues that today India’s middle class is more optimistic, more confident and globalized.

two point six billion_0 Courtesy: 2point6billion
29 August 2012

In 400 words: Raghuram Rajan

2point6billion republished Gateway House's Akshay Mathur's analysis of Raghuram Rajan, the new Chief Economic Advisor of the Indian government. He argues that given his his leaning towards fiscal discipline and supply-side solutions, the nation can expect some neoliberal policy advice.