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26 March 2013 Asia Briefing

The Emergence of Vietnam and India as China Alternatives

As China’s working population ages and becomes more expensive, locations such as Vietnam and India become competitive manufacturing alternatives for export driven businesses. What are the various factors to be considered by foreign investors while investing in India and Vietnam?
The Economic Costs of China’s Anti-Japanese Sentiment Courtesy: Th3r0/Flickr
22 September 2012

The Economic Costs of China’s Anti-Japanese Sentiment

The Japanese purchase of the Diaoyu Islands is bound to have a negative impact on China-Japan relations. If these tensions in the East China Sea persist, regional business ties and especially China-Japan economies ties - a whopping $345 billion in two-way trade - will take a hit.
Co-Investing in China with Chinese Partners Courtesy: Asia Briefing
11 July 2012

Co-Investing in China with Chinese Partners

With the introduction of new legal entities, domestic and foreign investors can now co-invest in one enterprise. The 25 % corporate income tax has theoretically been eliminated, therefore offering the prospect of substantial tax savings.
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6 April 2012 Asia Briefing Ltd.

China’s provincial outbound direct investment in 2011

China’s Outbound Direct Investment(ODI) has reached commercially and geo-economically significant levels and begun to challenge international investments by other countries. Local provincial companies of China are among the fastest growing area in outward investment.
China 1992, India 2012 Courtesy: China Briefing
31 January 2012 Asia Briefing Ltd.

China 1992, India 2012

The development similarities between China and India are strikingly similar, argues Chris Devonshire-Ellis. Twenty years ago, China faced challenges and difficulties but also offered oppurtunities and profits. Similarly India offers much of the same now.