120904-N-NX070-023 Courtesy: Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class RJ Stratchko
14 May 2014

Obama in Asia: a reassuring visit?

In the wake of an ambitious and aggressive China, American President Barack Obama’s recent visits to various Asian countries were meant to assure allies old and new. At the same time, he trod a fine line, ensuring that he does not displease Beijing. And that may embolden China

The world in May
7 May 2014

The world in May

Neelam Deo, Director, Gateway House, briefs you on the important geopolitical events and developments in May. She assesses the success of U.S. President Obama's visit to Asia, the escalating tensions in Ukraine where pro-government loyalists are trying to take control of cities under the command of pro-Russians, and the upcoming elections in the West.

The Economic Costs of China’s Anti-Japanese Sentiment Courtesy: Th3r0/Flickr
22 September 2012

The Economic Costs of China’s Anti-Japanese Sentiment

The Japanese purchase of the Diaoyu Islands is bound to have a negative impact on China-Japan relations. If these tensions in the East China Sea persist, regional business ties and especially China-Japan economies ties - a whopping $345 billion in two-way trade - will take a hit.