Sameer Patil

Sameer Patil

Fellow, National Security Studies & Director, Centre for International Security, Gateway House

Sameer Patil is Fellow, National Security Studies & Director, Centre for International Security, Gateway House. Prior to this, he was Assistant Director at the National Security Council Secretariat in Prime Minister’s Office, New Delhi. Sameer has interned at the Indian Pugwash Society and the M. L. Sondhi Institute of Asia Pacific Affairs. He has written extensively on various aspects of national security including cyber security, fake currency, terrorism, India-Pakistan relations, India-China relations, the Kashmir issue and nuclear proliferation for various magazines, journals and newspapers. Download high-res picture

M.A. and M.Phil. in International Relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University


International security and conflict, cyber-security, defence business, business risk

Last modified: August 3, 2017

Recent projects

border Courtesy: Google Maps
20 July 2017 Gateway House

India-China stand-offs

Since mid-June, India and China have been locked in an intense stand-off in the Doklam plateau, at the tri-junction of Bhutan, India, and China. Gateway House chronicles previous border incursions and transgressions by China into India’s territory and mentions relevant treaties and agreements

GH_IndiaUScover-02 Courtesy: Gateway House
27 June 2017 Gateway House

India-U.S. defence ties

India-U.S. defence and security ties have flourished in the last decade, with increasing focus on defence technology co-development and co-production. The enhanced G2G engagement is also reflected in the commercial sector where American and Indian defence companies have partnered in the aerospace sector to become part of the global supply chain.

BANGLADESH-ATTACK/ Courtesy: Reuters
6 April 2017 Gateway House

Bangladesh: security & soul-searching

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will visit India beginning April 7 at a time when her country is confronted with Daesh-inspired terrorism. In the interests of regional stability, it is critical that the two countries maintain a united front against extremism

Research Papers
Defence paper cover Courtesy: Wikipedia
19 January 2017 Gateway House

India-EU: defence cooperation and the role of industry

European defence companies can contribute significantly to India’s military modernisation under the ‘Make in India’ campaign. But before this can happen they will have to deepen their interactions in the country at the political and strategic levels to identify common areas of interest and understand India’s technological priorities in the sector

Research Papers
Cyber paper cover Courtesy: Wikipedia
24 December 2016 Gateway House

India-EU: cooperation on cyber security and data protection

Cyber cooperation between India and the European Union currently lacks a security focus despite the common threats they face. Differences persist on both sides regarding India’s data adequacy status which has resulted in a blocking of the Bilateral Trade and Investment Agreement negotiations.

A stack of one thousand rupee notes. Courtesy: 123RF
9 November 2016 Gateway House

How ‘hawala’ impacts national security

On November 8, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced to India, the demonetisation of high-value currency notes, he specifically referred to the use of Hawala and fake Indian currency notes for terrorist financing. The hawala system to move funds globally for terrorist financing is huge, secretive, and layered—and a challenge for national security agencies.