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27 September 2016,

U.S. Elections: first debate sees a clear winner

This week in our special mini-series on the U.S. elections and its foreign policy implications, Ambassador Neelam Deo discusses the outcome of the first presidential debate and which candidate came out on top.

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In the eighth episode of this podcast mini-series on the upcoming U.S. presidential elections, Ambassador Neelam Deo, Director at Gateway House, analyses the first presidential debate. Listen in to learn more about the positions adopted by the candidates.

(0:40) Why the presidential debates are important
(2:20) The proposed tax plans
(4:25) Trump’s defensive response to controversial allegations
(5:45) Differing positions on gun control
(7:10) Trump’s personal attack on Clinton followed by her response
(8:30) Positions adopted by candidates on the U.S.’s commitment to its allies
(9:10) The importance of the Iran issue and the shift in American opinion on the issue

In the next episode, Ambassador Deo will be discussing the 1st Vice Presidential Debate, listen to it now! (

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