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7 March 2017,

The New World Order | a podcast series

The post-1945 geopolitical order is crumbling. The cracks are highlighted by the uncertainty posed by Trump's America, the multiple crises facing Europe, the chronic conflict and destabilisation of West Asia and the rise of China. There is a geopolitical reconfiguration underway, one which needs to be understood. Tune into The New World Order, a new podcast series from Gateway House, designed to observe, define and help you understand the changing political trends across the world. Subscribe now and be the first to hear new episodes.

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(2:00) Why Trump’s victory is a ‘hinge moment’ in global geopolitics
(4:25) The nature of the shift in global perceptions towards the U.S. post Trump
(6:40) The connotation behind terminology like ‘the post-WWII global order’ and ‘geopolitical Bretton Woods’
(10:40) How the current geopolitical trends differ from traditional foreign policy evolutions

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Produced by Virpratap Vikram Singh and Arjun Chawla