obama romney_0 Courtesy: VOA/WikimediaCommons
23 October 2012

U.S. Presidential debates: Posture vs. reality

Domestic issues like jobs and the housing market were front-and-centre during the third round of the U.S. presidential debates. Though the positions taken bears limited resemblance to what will happen in the real, post-election world, the outcome of the elections is bound to affect the world in big and small ways.

obama romney last debate Courtesy: Neon Tommy/Flickr
23 October 2012

Obama vs. Romney: The hawks debate

During the final weeks leading up to the U.S. Presidential elections, moderate views don't seems to count. Though foreign policy was included in the debate, it was confined mostly to China and the Middle East. Both candidates are looking to be one step ahead to win the last of the undecided voters.

ob rom Courtesy: WikimediaCommons
19 October 2012

Obama vs. Romney: The focus is foreign policy

The ability of the slowly recovering U.S. economy to get people employed is more important to American voters than anything else. However, surprisingly, terrorism and the direction of American foreign policy have become a much larger factor in the U.S. Presidential debates.

siachen pic Courtesy: Guilhem Vellut/WikimediaCommons
16 October 2012

Siachen: To hold or to fold?

There have been many discussions on the need to de-militarise the Siachen Glacier. Why have India and Pakistan suddenly begun to believe that they were mistaken in holding on to the region all this while? What are the possible ramifications of de-militarising this strategic location?

The message from the Venezuelan elections
11 October 2012

The message from the Venezuelan elections

Ambassador Viswanathan, an expert on Latin America, blogs about the Venezuelan elections, which saw a high turnout, free and fair elections, and Hugo Chavez re-elected as President. It is evident though, that Chavez’s model has reached its peak and is steadily and irreversibly losing appeal in the region.