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5 August 2021, CNBC-TV18

Quad collaboration on economics and technology

On 30 July 2021, Lisa Curtis and Surjit Bhalla, co-chairs of the Gateway House Quad Economy and Technology Task Force, spoke to CNBC-TV-18 on the various channels of cooperation between the Quad countries in technology, supply chains and undersea cables, and the need to counter China's dominance in the Indo-Pacific.

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On 30 July 2021, Lisa Curtis and Surjit Bhalla, co-chairs of the Gateway House Quad Economy and Technology Task Force, discussed the many channels of cooperation for the Quad countries in technology, semiconductors, space and 6G, supply chains, undersea cables construction, and a higher trade deficit with nations. In an interview with CNBC-TV18 Live’s GlobalEye, the co-chairs highlighted potential areas for collaboration and the way forward.

Key takeaways

  • The Quad Task Force was established to get four powerful democracies to work together and ensure resilient supply chains. 
  • A resilient supply chain for semiconductors is to be established, which will not depend on China or any one country in particular.
  • The goal of the Quad Task Force is to enhance R&D in semiconductors and increase the domestic production of semiconductors in the U.S.
  • The Innovations and Competition Act, recently passed by the U.S Congress, allocates over USD 50 billion to the U.S semiconductor industry. 
  • The Biden administration was keen on making it clear that the whole world was condemning China’s action. 
  • The Quad is well on its way in terms of Information Technology (IT) as the U.S and India are the first movers in IT.
  • The Quad Task Force aims to study how an increasingly globalized world can let four countries harness expertise in various areas.
  • In terms of Quad cooperation, vaccine development and distribution of raw materials are the first signs of what one may expect. Critical raw materials from the U.S are now available to India. 
  • India is the world’s largest vaccine-producer and has already delivered large shipments to other countries.
  • India’s Aadhar network will be a crucial tool in cybersecurity and responding to threats.

Lisa Curtis is Senior Fellow and Director, Indo-Pacific Security Program, Center for a New American Security and co-chair, Gateway House Quad Economy and Technology Task Force.

Surjit Bhalla is Executive Director for India at the International Monetary Fund, and co-chair, Gateway House Quad Economy and Technology Task Force.