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23 April 2014,

Medha and Meera: A glimpse of the future

Rajni Bakshi, Gandhi Peace Fellow, Gateway House analyses the complementary roles played by the two key Aam Aadmi Party candidates from Mumbai. She says that while veteran activist Medha Patkar gives voice to the suffering of people at the grassroots, former banker Meera Sanyal highlights the principles that could build a more just and equitable society

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In a sharply polarising election campaign there is one story of contrasts that is rich with more of the promise than the peril of India’s future. Meera Sanyal, formerly a senior executive in a multinational bank, and Medha Patkar, a veteran social activist, are both contesting the Lok Sabha election as candidates of the Aam Aadmi Party from two seats in Mumbai. It we look beyond the obvious differences in their professional and ideological background — we might see glimpses of India’s role in redefining globalisation. Sanyal, the daughter of a naval officer, holds an MBA from a school in France and is a silk and chiffon clad member of the South Mumbai elite. Patkar, the daughter of a socialist trade union leader, studied political science in Mumbai and is known for her aesthetic austerity


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