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9 September 2021, Gateway House

Imperial powers: Leaving chaos behind

The withdrawal of U.S. and NATO troops from Afghanistan is not the first time that a hasty and messy departure of foreign forced has taken place. History is replete with examples of imperial powers suddenly leaving countries that they secured for years, without ensuring a peaceful transition of power. The sub-continent has now seen it twice, the last time was in 1947, when the British preponed their withdrawal from India, hastily partitioning the country and leaving a region at war with itself. Ambassador Neelam Deo, co-founder, Gateway House, explains why and how this happens.

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Produced by: Saloni Rao

Sifra Lentin is Fellow, Bombay History Studies, Gateway House.

Neelam Deo is former Indian Ambassador to Denmark and Ivory Coast and co-founder, Gateway House.