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15 November 2015,

G20 Leaders’ Summit 2015 in Turkey

Akshay Mathur, Director of Research, Gateway House, attended the Think Tank (Think 20) Summit in Antalya, Turkey. He comments on the Turkish presidency and India's contribution to the G20.

Former Director of Research

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“Turkey’s G20 vision for 2015 was ‘Inclusiveness, Investment and Implementation’. Of these, Turkey has done particularly well on Inclusion. It has focused on the role of small and medium enterprises in creating jobs, introduced a discussion on the role of Islamic finance, launched a forum for women (W20), and strengthened interaction globally with business leaders and think tanks through the B20 and T20 sub-forums.

For India, the year has yielded mixed results. India has actively endorsed the multi-year effort on establishing new global regulations for curbing tax evasion. However, on issues such as creating regulations that enable global funds to invest in long-term infrastructure projects—which will benefit India—the G20 has made little real progress.

China’s presidency of the G20 in 2016 will be closely watched, especially on how it leads the global economic governance process for the benefit of both developed and developing economies.”

Akshay Mathur is Director of Research and Analysis and Fellow, Geoeconomics Studies at Gateway House.

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