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ladakh Courtesy: Wikipedia
14 October 2016 Gateway House

Ladakh should not go unheard

Peaceful, Buddhist-majority Ladakh has been quietly resentful of the fact that Kashmir grabs attention at its expense. Taking it for granted may cost India dear, especially with China seeking to deepen its influence across the Himalayas
Andaman Courtesy: Wikipedia
26 May 2016 Gateway House

Andaman & Nicobar: an underutilised asset

Does India plan to remodel its Andaman & Nicobar Islands as a launching pad for future security operations to check growing Chinese inroads in the Indian Ocean Region? Development of the islands has long been ignored to India’s detriment, and their strategic position in the Indian Ocean, underutilised.
india afghan Courtesy: Ministry of External Affairs / Flickr
10 March 2016 Gateway House

Building a path to Afghanistan

A more robust foreign policy initiative is required for India to be seen as a serious player in the future of Afghanistan. Building dams and roads has ensured its presence as a partner in rebuilding the country, but its conservative handling of Afghan issues must be challenged, perhaps by following the Iran route, to push forward its geostrategic interests.
Swaraj Ghani Courtesy: MEA / Flickr
5 January 2016 Gateway House

India+APTTA = regional prosperity

If India enters the Afghanistan-Pakistan Trade and Transit Agreement, as external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj said at conference in Islamabad in December, it will boost regional trade and connectivity—both priorities of the Modi government. But Pakistan stridently opposes India’s entry into the agreement. What are the alternatives?