Sukhmani Sharma

Sukhmani Sharma has a master’s degree in international relations from Pondicherry University. She graduated from Sophia College, Mumbai, with a double major in history and political science in 2016. She interned as a team leader in the Social Development Department of AIESEC, an international non-profit dedicated to building leadership qualities in young people, 2015. Other work experience includes interning with an IAS officer at the District Commissioner’s office, Sangrur, Punjab in 2018. She has an interest in geopolitics, foreign policy analysis and international relations

Recent projects

shutterstock_167012954 Courtesy: Shutterstock
9 January 2020 Gateway House

Digital Natives’ protest goes offline

The current wave of protests sweeping India and the government’s suspension of internet services to impede communication has led to innovation. Protesters have taken recourse to offline messaging applications to escape detection while executing their plans. This infographic tracks the evolution of online media – from the basic to the more discreet
shutterstock_1420700369 Courtesy: Shutterstock
24 October 2019 Gateway House

Global protests: leaderless, youthful, persistent

There has been a wave of civil protests across the globe since early 2019 which have taken governments by surprise by their sheer intensity and resilience. The common impelling factor has been discontent with government. Other factors for the current wave, beginning with the Arab Uprising in 2011, have been corruption and regressive constitutional changes. This infographic charts the arc of the outcry