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800px-Exterior-_Gateway_View Courtesy: MogensEngelund/WikiCommons
9 November 2010 Gateway House

Mumbai’s New Strategic Importance

By coming to Mumbai first, President Obama has ushered in a new phase in bilateral relations. Mumbai and all it represents is now firmly a part of Indian foreign policy. This is a game changer for the future, and is arguably the most significant outcome of the Barack Obama visit.
The White House_210x140 Courtesy: WhiteHouse
29 October 2010 Gateway House

Cautiously optimistic about Obama

US President Barack Obama will visit India fresh after the US mid-term elections, where his party is expected to do poorly. But the India visit will be full of warmth and bonhomie, it will also throw up some thorny issues, such as cross-border terrorism from Pakistan and the outsourcing imbroglio
uncertainty sri lanka Courtesy: Lynsey Addario
14 September 2010 Gateway House

Rising uncertainty in Sri Lanka

After winning a decades-long war in 2009, President Mahinda Rajpakse leveraged his popularity to assume greater powers for himself by amending the Constitution, making him virtually leader-for-life. Could this lead to one-party rule? And what will this mean for Sri Lanka and its Tamil minority?