Jose Siaba Serrate

José Siaba Serrate is an economist at the University of Buenos Aires and the UCEMA. He won the 2017 Konex Prize on Economic Analysis. Mr.  Serrate is a member of the Argentine Academy of Capital Markets, the Argentine Council of Foreign Relations (CARI), and the International Policy Institute of the Argentine Academy of Political and Moral Sciences. In addition to teaching at the University of Buenos Aires and the University of CEMA, Mr. Serrate teaches at the Argentine Institute of Capital Markets (IAMC). He previously taught at the National Foreign Service Institute (ISEN), the University of Belgrano, and Torcuato di Tella University. Mr. Serrate is a regular columnist of Argentina’s leading financial daily, Ambito Financiero, and Diario Clarín, Argentina’s main circulation paper. Formerly General Manager of Ambito Financiero, Mr. Serrate is the Founder and CEO of Estudio Siaba Serrate, a business consultancy.

Recent projects

Green-fin-web Courtesy: Hume Brophy
23 January 2019 Gateway House

The imperative for a sustainable financial system

The global financial system has been driven by the search for profit, but serious flaws surfaced in such a myopic approach. Now, sustainable finance’s time has come—and investment decisions will benefit from integrating environmental, social and governance factors
altcoin-currency-etherum-or-bitcoin-730574 Courtesy: Pexels
12 July 2018 Gateway House

Regulating Crypto Assets

On the face of it, these digital or virtual currencies seem to be a brave new way to transact business or make an investment, but they also have inherent risks. A T20 proposal is seeking that the G20 devise a regulatory framework that places them on a level playing field with other financial instruments