Huricihan Islamoglu

Huricihan Islamoglu

former Visiting Fellow

Huri Islamoglu is former Visiting Fellow at Gateway House. She is been Professor of Economic History, Bogazici University, Istanbul; and former Visiting Professor of History, University of California, Berkeley. She has also taught at Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey), Central European University (Budapest, Hungary), and New York University. Her publications include (with Peter Perdue) Shared Histories of Modernity  in China, India and the Ottoman empire (2009), Constituting Modernity: Private Property in the  East and  West (2004), Ottoman Empire and the World Economy (1987); State  and Peasant in the Ottoman Empire (1994). She has written and  lectured in fields of economic history, political economy, legal history, rural history, history of  the state and administration, globalization and agriculture,   global governance and law. She is engaged in writing a world history. She focuses on the concern for government and in that relation law (statecraft) as a common thread that binds together histories of different world regions since the 15th century in a world historical of continued commercial expansion and military/political competition among political entities. Geographically her work addresses Ming and Qing China, Ottoman empire, Germany and England in the 19th centuries. She is also interested in issues of governing the present-day global societies, and what law is in that context. She is interested to participate in  conversations with economic historians, historians who work on comparative or transnational history as well as in engaging in conversations with jurists on global governance and law. Huri has a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1979, an M.A. in Economic history, from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1972, has worked in the Economic History, Ph.D. program, at University of Chicago, 1967‑ 1969, Economics and History, BS University of Chicago, Ohio, 1965‑67, Economics

World History, International Political Economy, Global Governance

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