Aashna Agarwal

Aashna Agarwal

Former Researcher & Manager, Website and Publications

Aashna Agarwal was Researcher; Manager, Website and Publications at Gateway House. She graduated from The London School of Economics with an MSc degree in International Political Economy, prior to which she completed her Bachelor's of Arts with a major in Economics from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai. She has interned with KPMG, The International Center for Research on Women and Global Relations Forum. She has an interest in macroeconomics, data analysis and Chinese foreign policy.  

Recent projects

1T3A4596 Courtesy: Gateway House
13 March 2018 Gateway House

Addressing ‘the global gap’

The 44th G7 summit, held in Canada in the first week of June, ended on a tense, disunited note—not unlike the premise of Richard Haass’ 2017 book, The World in Disarray: American Foreign Policy and the Crisis of the Old Order. In this interview, the President of the Council on Foreign Relations discusses the role of international institutions, World Order 2.0 and how India can participate in it
DSC_5532 Courtesy: Gateway House
13 March 2018 Gateway House

Toshinori Doi on regulating digital finance

Gateway House spoke to Toshinori Doi, President, Policy Research Institute, Japan, on the sidelines of the Gateway of India Geoeconomic Dialogue, on the risks associated with digitising finance, the Belt and Road Initiative and dealing with Chinese market dominance
IMG_6559 (1) Courtesy: Gateway House
20 February 2018 Gateway House

Interview with Harjit Sajjan, Canadian Minister for National Defence

Canadian Minister for National Defence, Hon'ble Harjit S Sajjan, discusses contemporary security issues, international peacekeeping, bilateral defence ties, and geopolitical arenas, relevant to India, Canada, and the world. More specifically, he converses about prospects of peace in Afghanistan, the geopolitics of and Canadian sovereignty over the Arctic, UN peacekeeping programs initiated by Canada, focus areas for India and Canada defence relations, and the Quad initiative.