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26 April 2012

The Promise of an Asian Social Enterprise Corridor

Sankalp Forum, a platform that supports socially relevant small and medium enterprises, republished Gateway House's Director Manjeet Kripalani's article. Kripalani blogs about the hurdles social entrepreneurs in India face and the alluring idea of an India-South East Asia Social Enterprise Corridor.

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2 March 2012

The Makeover of Mayawati

Uttar Pradesh (UP) is going to the polls this month and the results will have implications even beyond India. However, Mayawati, the Chief Minister of UP, will encounter big challenges for re-election as the state faces major problems such as poverty and an inefficient education structure.

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2 March 2012

UP, yesterday and tomorrow

Studying Mayawati's legacy in Uttar Pradesh, Manjeet Kripalani argues that despite pervasive corruption in the state , Mayawati has been successful in doing two things - instilling pride in the Dalit and ensuring that the benefits of the poverty programmes reach the poor.