Interview with Ambassador Hardeep Puri (Part I)
9 April 2014

Interview with Ambassador Hardeep Puri (Part I)

Ambassador Hardeep Puri was part of a Gateway House Agenda 2014 panel discussion on India's Foreign Policy agenda for the coming years on Google Hangout. In part-one of a two-part interview, Ambassador Puri speaks to Gateway House about the importance of foreign policy in the Indian Elections, what the foreign policy priorities should be for the next government.

president ir 2_210x140 Courtesy: PresidentIR
2 August 2010

Reassessing the Iranian nuclear threat

The leaders of Turkey and Brazil recently voted against sanctioning Iran, concluding that Iran's leaders do not intend to violate their most important Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty obligation. India, as a member of NAM, should also concede.