ht Courtesy: Hindustan Times
4 November 2013

We cannot sail through these waters alone

Hindustan Times republished an article by David Brewster, Gateway House's Senior Visiting Fellow, on India as a net security provider in the Indian Ocean. He argues that India’s greatest strategic challenge in the Indian Ocean region is the quality of the strategic relationships that it can build in the region

Fair Observer Courtesy: Fairobserver
2 November 2013

An Unseen Revolution in Indian Manufacturing?

Fair Observer, a news and analysis website, republished an article by George Wyeth on India's stagnating manufacturing industry. He argues that the industry’s problems stem from a business culture of hierarchy and bureaucracy

Policy Perspectives
davidb Courtesy: Martyn Wright/Flickr
30 October 2013

The India-Australia security engagement: Opportunities and challenges

This edition of Policy Perspectives discusses how the two leading maritime powers among Indian Ocean states, India and Australia – which will take over from India as Chair of the IOR-ARC at its ongoing meeting in Perth – can consolidate a strategic partnership that spans the Indo-Pacific

FIRSTPOST2 Courtesy: Firstpost
30 October 2013

Why rupee is vulnerable to manipulation in spot market

Firstpost, a news and analysis website, republished an article by Gateway House's K. N. Vaidyanathan and Akshay Mathur on the manipulation of the foreign exchange market. They argue that manipulation of the foreign exchange rates is a reminder that transparent exchange-based systems alone are not enough to ensure fairness