Tevita Motulalo

Senior Researcher

Tevita Motulalo is a researcher at Gateway House. He specialises in geostrategy, especially as it relates to the Indo-Pacific. Motulalo is from the Kingdom of Tonga and was Editor of the Tonga Chronicle, the Kingdom of Tonga's oldest English language newspaper, and Deputy Editor of the Talaki, one of the Kingdom’s main Tongan-language newspapers. He contributes widely to the news media in Tonga (in English and in Tongan), as well as abroad. He has a Diploma in Journalism from the Tonga Institute of Higher Education and an MSc in Geopolitics and International Relations from Manipal University, India.

M.Sc in Geopolitics and International Relations, Manipal Unviversity


Geostrategy, Geopolitics, International Relations, Pacific Islands

Last modified: July 12, 2017

Recent projects

fiji Courtesy: Wikipedia
21 August 2015 Gateway House

Preparing for the Indo-Pacific century

The second Forum for India and the Pacific Islands in Jaipur on August 21 will be a historic summit that brings together the interests of India and the 14 island countries of the Pacific. It is India’s acknowledgement of the emerging strategic importance of the Pacific region, and a chance for the islands to turn this into an opportunity for growth, development, and greater security.
South pacific islands Courtesy: qdkfqsz.com
18 November 2014 Gateway House

A comprehensive Pacific policy

Prime Minister Modi's Fiji visit is a chance to broaden and deepen the relationship between India and the South Pacific. Promoting an inclusive policy that engages civil society and the private sectors of both countries, will be a step in the right direction in order to regain lost ground due to years of neglect
Deepening engagement with the Indo-Pacific
23 April 2014

Deepening engagement with the Indo-Pacific

A Google Hangout Panel Discussion on the views on India's elections from the Indo-Pacific and a foreign policy agenda for the next government to deepen engagement with the Indo-Pacific.

vavau tondga Courtesy: Jessica Taekman/Flickr
29 May 2013 Gateway House

India and Japan’s Pacific agenda

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Japan’s Shinzo Abe are giving heft to a renewed partnership and a focus on the Indo-Pacific. Both nations must collaborate and work with South Pacific countries, especially Tonga, to counter China’s growing influence in this increasingly geopolitically important region