2016 Courtesy: Gateway House
22 December 2016

2016 trends: from forecast to reality

2016 has been marked by unprecedented geopolitical dislocations and dispersals. In January 2016, Gateway House, identified the major emerging global trends. As the year comes to an end, several developments have confirmed these forecasted trends

GOID Conference Report Cover Courtesy: Gateway House
30 July 2016

Conference Report for The Gateway of India Dialogue 2016

On 13-14 June 2016, the first Gateway of India Dialogue was held in Mumbai, India. The conference's theme, 'Where Geopolitics Meets Business', was appropriate for an event that brought the insights of India's energised foreign policy to a city that serves as the country's financial and business centre.

Hillary 2016 Courtesy: Hillary Clinton/Flickr
13 April 2015

Hillary’s candidacy and India

Hillary Clinton finally announced her second bid to be the democratic candidate for the November 2016 presidential election on April 12. Despite her landmark achievements, there are a number of controversial issues from her time as senator, the first lady and as Secretary of State, that will be raised in the coming months