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30 September 2020, Gateway House

Start-ups in India’s defence sector

Start-ups are the latest entrants in the defence manufacturing sector. They have greater access through the Innovations in Defence Excellence programme. The technologies developed by them will add to the Indian military’s operational and combat capabilities. Beyond the obvious market for the defence forces, there is also the huge homeland security market in India and abroad for the start-ups.

Fellow, International Security Studies Programme

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Since 2014, under the ‘Make in India’ initiative, the government has promoted the private sector and start-ups in defence manufacturing. The aim is not only to build the manufacturing capacity but also to achieve technological competency.

We recommend in our recent paper, A Defence Industrial Agenda for India that to accelerate domestic defence-industrialisation, the government needs to initiate flagship defence technology development programmes which will cater to future defence acquisitions.

In this video, Sameer Patil makes the following points:

a) India must expand it’s diplomatic partners in the field of defence technology

b) promote role of the private sector in Innovations in Defence Excellence programme

Sameer Patil is Fellow, International Security Studies Programme, Gateway House.

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