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6 January 2010

Letter from New Delhi

Tensions over visas and diplomatic standoffs between India and China serve as a precursor for the bitterness that will ensue in their relationship unless there are significant advances in the bilateral relationship

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16 October 2009

Dollars without Borders

The global financial crisis has had detrimental effects on banking and personal finance systems across the globe. Will this crisis affect remittances, thereby disturbing the lives of several million people dependent on their relations' earnings abroad?

Founders’ message: Why we began
1 March 2009

Founders’ message: Why we began

Welcome to Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations. We are a foreign policy think tank in Mumbai, the first established by two women, to engage India’s leading corporations and individuals in debate and scholarship on India’s foreign policy and Read more

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20 January 2007

Indian Americans come out

The 2.2 million strong Indian population in the United States has begun to take an active part in US political affairs which has resulted in the evolution of a diaspora elite. While they remain predominantly Democrat, winds of change seem to be incoming