TOI logo_0 Courtesy: The_Times_Of_India/WikimediaCommons
23 July 2011

Indian diaspora tops remittance list

Just how much do the 27 million global desis, scattered across 190 countries around the world, contribute to the Indian economy? World Bank figures show a dramatic increase of almost 162% in the remittance that India receives from overseas Indians over the last eight years.

Mumbai blasts leave few leads Courtesy: International Herald Tribune
21 July 2011

Mumbai blasts leave few leads

On 13 July, the bustling city of Mumbai was rocked by three bomb blasts. Amid heavy rains, the perpetrators leave few leads. The Asian arm of the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune - Asia edition, quotes Neelam Deo, director of Gateway House, on the probable suspects and city’s reaction to the event.

The Mumbai Consensus Courtesy: Aam422/Wikipedia
18 November 2010

The Mumbai Consensus

The Gateway House mission is to provide a platform for discussing issues that lie at the intersection of citizens, business and foreign policy. To that end, in 2009, Gateway House conceptualized a Mumbai Consensus to explain and encapsulate factors behind India’s successful economic growth.