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29 December 2015,

Modi’s India Forging New and Improved Global Partnerships

'Modi’s keywords for the year' by Shubhashish was republished on International Press Syndicate

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has capped off 2015–a very busy year–with an ultimately diplomatic coup–an unscheduled stopover in Pakistan.

2015 was the year when India’s foreign policy began to consolidate, a year during which the “Modi doctrine” was put into action. It’s a doctrine that raises the country’s global profile in terms of its strategic economic and security requirements, and positions India as the big player in South Asia.

It was a very busy year. Prime Minister Narendra Modi clocked an estimated 1,40,000 kilometres to become India’s—maybe the world’s—platinum premier frequent flier.  Gateway House analysed the speeches made by Modi during these visits abroad in 2015. We picked his most often-used terms to conclude that India’s foreign policy is all about forging new and improved global political and economic partnerships.

The full article is available here.