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7 April 2017, G20 Insights

Measuring cross-border trade in services by trading partner country and company

In a policy brief for the G20, Akshay Mathur and Purvaja Modak discuss the challenge of data classification when it comes to cross-border trade in services

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Abstract: Cross-border trade in services is increasingly the pre-eminent driver of growth for developed and developing countries alike. Service-related commitments are included in most of the new trade agreements.

Effective policy-design however, is dependent on collection and presentation of accurate data. Inter-agency task forces of multilateral organizations such as UN, WTO, IMF and OECD have designed a framework to capture cross-border trade in services but data classification by partner trading company, partner trading country and by modes-of-supply, remains a challenge. The G20 can plug this gap through comprehensive information-collection and sharing.


You can download the PDF version of  ‘Measuring cross-border trade in services by trading partner country and company’ on G20-Insights.

Akshay Mathur is the Director of Research and Fellow, Geoeconomic Studies at Gateway House.

Purvaja Modak is Researcher, Geoeconomic Studies and Assistant Manager, Research Office at Gateway House.

This paper was exclusively written by Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations for G20-Insights. You can read more exclusive Gateway House content here.

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