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31 December 2014, Zone Asia-pk

How Will China Treat India

Akshay Mathur, Head of Research and Geopolitics Expert, Gateway House, has written an article on the future of the Indo-China relationship as well as factors influencing world affairs in 2015. This article has been republished by Zone Asia-pk

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2015: The year that India can. A new, wants-to-do government. A system that’s cranking up once more. Stalled infrastructure projects being revived. Jobs matter again. Ecologically sustainable business models are being considered. Tech on the rise. States taking more of the initiative. A controlled fiscal deficit due to unexpected savings from falling oil prices. A proactive foreign policy has raised India’s profile. Economic diplomacy has re-ignited investor interest. A free-trade agreement with ASEAN fulfils the Acting East promise. Securing our neighbourhood with active diplomacy and aid, to ensure stability in South Asia.