2 December 2011

China: Collapse, Democratisation or Resilient Authoritarianism?

Ambassador Ranjit Gupta , Prof. Andrew Nathan , Consul General Niu Qingbao

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China: Collapse, Democratisation or Resilient Authoritarianism?

Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations hosted it’s first breakfast meeting in the new office at Cecil Court, to discuss China, the evolution and reform of authoritarian governance and the Communist Party. Members in attendance had the pleasure of hearing from Professor Andrew Nathan, Political Science, Columbia University; Former Indian Ambassador Ranjit Gupta, Distinguished Fellow, Institute of Peace & Conflict Studies; and Consul General Niu Qingbao of the People’s Republic of China. The discussion was moderated by Vijay Crishna of Godrej Industries.

The lively discussion covered a wide range of Indo-Sino topics, including the geo-politics of South Asia, trade balances and imbalances, China’s domestic and regional security, Tibet and the Dalai Lama, and Maritime Boundaries and Policies.