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19 December 2014, Gazeta

China is trying to bring Nepal from the zone of influence of India

Akshay Mathur, Head of Research and Geopolitics Expert, Gateway House, has been quoted in an article on Chinese investment in Nepal. This article has been published by Gazeta

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China is expanding influence in South Asia – economic expansion came to Nepal, of which China has successfully displaces India. China has become the largest foreign investor in Nepal, and the trade turnover between the two countries has grown more than tenfold since 2006. India holds for cooperation in the energy sector.

Chinese engineers are involved in the construction of eight-highway around Kathmandu worth $ 45 million – and this is just one of the dozens of projects that help to finally get ahead of China and India to become a major partner of Nepal, sandwiched between the two countries. Until recently, India’s dominance in the region was largely due to the undisputed natural obstacles Sino-Nepalese trade relations – the Himalayas. However, the low price of goods produced in China is pushing Nepal to work more closely with its northern neighbor, leads Bloomerg Finance Minister Ram Sharan Mahat of the country.