Olivier Da Lage

Editor-in-Chief, Radio France International

A veteran journalist specialising in Middle-Eastern affairs, Olivier started his career as a Bahrain-based freelance correspondent in the Gulf. He thereafter joined Radio France International (RFI) to cover the Middle East. He is now editor-in-chief at RFI. A graduate from Sciences Po Paris, he has written several books and many articles about the Arab Gulf countries. Olivier also teaches at IRIS, a French think tank specialising on strategic issues. He is currently writing a book on India’s foreign policy. Awards: Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres

Graduate of Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris and Centre de formation des journalistes


West Asia, Gulf

Last modified: November 23, 2017

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haaretz Courtesy: Haaretz
5 May 2017 Gateway House

Family power politics in Riyadh

Dynasty has its own reasons and the 40 decrees that King Salman issued last month were designed to hand more power to the Salman branch of the House of Saud. Is a promotion in the offing for his son, the deputy crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman? What does this bode for the country’s foreign policy? President Trump’s first foreign visit will be to Saudi Arabia later this month
European_flags_at_European_Commission_HQ_Brussels_thumb800 Courtesy: Computer World UK
23 March 2017 Gateway House

EU: unity not a value anymore?

Britain will begin its formal exit process from the European Union on March 29. Signs that the European Union will survive are clear: public opinion is turning finally in its favour. The European economy has resumed creating jobs, and the unemployment rate, although still high, is steadily declining. Yet, what remains of the project is likely to have a different animus
7787182424_marine-le-pen-francois-fillon-emmanuel-macron-jean-luc-melenchon-et-benoit-hamon Courtesy: RTL
8 March 2017 Gateway House

A Frexiter at the Elysee Palace?

The French presidential election, which is less than two months away, defies attempts at predicting who the finalists of the two-round tourney will be, what with allegations of corruption being hurled at the contestants and new revelations unfolding on a daily basis.
28455374735_17cf79553a_b Courtesy: Flickr
31 January 2017 Gateway House

Saudi prince: not quite a game changer?

Prince Salman’s accession to the throne after the death of Saudi King Abdullah on 23 January 2015 has been a game changer, both domestically and in West Asian politics. Within days, he sidelined rivals within the House of Saud, and took on Iran with a confrontational policy. But two years later, the results of his new strategy disappoint
nice-attack-1 Courtesy: The Independent/AP
20 July 2016 Gateway House

Islamic State and France: mortal enemies

France's state policy of 'laïcité' (secularism) and its military interventions in Islamic countries has made it the prime target of IS in the West. The hardline French response to step up bombing campaigns against jihadis in Syria, Iraq, and Mali will likely continue, but conversely feeds IS strategy, which is to foment anti-Muslim sentiment among the non-Muslim French population.