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Uber China Courtesy: Review Journal, Xinhua
30 April 2015 Gateway House

Can Uber in China counter local e-taxis?

Although Uber has a $41billion global valuation, over 99% of the taxi app market in China is controlled by local competitors offering personalised services, informal networks, and a familiarity with regulations that Uber cannot match. In such a scenario, can Uber live up to its valuation? And will local entities eventually also have an advantage in the crowd-sourced trucking and waterways sectors?
WEBANK-151623_copy1 Courtesy: Wanted China
4 February 2015 Gateway House

China’s ebanks: a new regime

WeBank, China’s first online-only bank has been launched with great expectations. It can potentially reform the country’s mismanaged financial sector by opening up credit to private SMEs and prove a model for other developing countries.
Xi Jinping & Narendra Modi: Beyond business as usual
12 September 2014

Xi Jinping & Narendra Modi: Beyond business as usual

Chinese President Xi Jinping will make his first visit to India in September 2014. His visit is the culmination of a series of high-level meetings between representatives of both countries since the formation of the new Indian government in May Read more