Hari Seshasayee

Trade Advisor, ProColombia, Government of Colombia

Hari Seshasayee is a Latin America analyst. He is currently Trade Advisor, ProColombia, Government of Colombia. He was formally with Gateway House as a representative in New Delhi, and liaises with the media, think tanks, diplomatic missions, the Ministry of External Affairs and other government bodies in the capital. He is also a Senior Researcher in the Latin America Studies Programme and engages with research institutions and scholars from the region. He joined Gateway House in April 2011, and managed the organisation's website for two years, and continues to work on the Weekly Newsletter reserved for Gateway House members. He has a Bachelor's degree in Mass Media (Journalism major) from KC College, University of Mumbai, and has worked in Latin America with the national chapter of AIESEC Perú and as a partnership coordinator in Brazil. He also taught Spanish at Language Labs, Chennai, and worked with the Hindustan Times in Mumbai. Hari speaks English, Hindi, Tamil, Spanish and some Portuguese.
Contact:  harisesh@alumni.stanford.edu

Latin America

Last modified: December 21, 2017

Recent projects

anoop singh interview Courtesy: Gateway House
11 May 2012 Gateway House

IMF interview: How the European crisis will affect India

As India’s growth slows, it becomes increasingly important to enact reforms so it can return to its intended growth rate of 9%. Gateway House’s Hari Seshasayee interviews Anoop Singh, Director of Asia and Pacific at the IMF, to discuss the impact of the Euro zone crisis on India and the way forward for Asia.
nicolas krul pic Courtesy: Gateway House
25 October 2011 Gateway House

Nicolas Krul: “There will be no derailment of the [painful] adjustment process in Europe…”

Gateway House’s Hari Seshasayee interviewed Nicolas Krul. A stout defender of European unity, Krul discussed the origins of the crisis, the lessons learned, possible solutions and the opportunities for the emerging world.
the latin road to arab democracy Courtesy: JonathanRashad/Flickr
17 June 2011 Gateway House

The Latin road to Arab democracy

As the Arab world remains engulfed in protests, there may be lessons to be learned from other recent democratic converts. Latin America’s growth story may provide the Arab world with some recommendations on how to address socio-economic issues in the post-revolution scenario.