Estefanía Marchán

former Researcher, Gateway House

Estefanía Marchán is student at Tufts University, and a former Researcher in Gateway House’s Studies Programme focusing on India-Latin American relations. As a graduate from the University of Southern California with BAs in International Relations and Political Science, she has worked in related roles within the private and public sector both in the U.S. and abroad. Prior to this, she was New Media Marketing Coordinator at Rubin Postaer & Associates in Los Angeles, where she worked on campaigns for some of the world’s leading brands. Previously, she worked with Henry Dunant University in Geneva, training Latin American leaders on human rights policy and implementation, and has served as an intern for California Senator Dianne Feinstein. During her time at the University of Southern California, she was co-director for the USC Volunteer Latin America program and was a scholarship recipient from the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Disclaimer: External experts are not affiliated with Gateway House and have been presented here for reference only.

Latin America

Last modified: October 3, 2017

Recent projects

democracy in motion latam leaders Courtesy: PMO
9 August 2012 Gateway House

From profligacy to pragmatism

India seems to be treading down the path of fruitless populism that crippled many countries in the past, most notably in Latin America. But like Latin America, India too can embark on a course-correction by implementing pragmatic economic policies alongside progressive but results-driven social spending.
Live Mint_0_1 Courtesy: Live Mint
18 June 2012 Live Mint

The new emerging donors at Rio

Live Mint, a business daily, republished Gateway House researcher, Estefanía Marchán's article on the Rio+20 Conference. She writes about emerging economies aggressively joining the ranks of international donors in financial aid and why the BRICS nations need more flexible platforms for international engagement.
Rio + 20: Accommodating new global donors Courtesy: PMO
13 June 2012 Gateway House

Rio + 20: Accommodating new global donors

In an age fraught with economic malaise and fragmented political interests, can there truly be a unified vision of a future we want? What should we infer from the current phenomenon of emerging economies aggressively joining the ranks of international donors in financial aid?
Courtesy: PMO
13 March 2012 Gateway House

India-Brazil: pioneers of a new development agenda

India and Brazil have declared inclusive development an imperative and have engineered creative solutions to meet their developmental challenges. But both also face many obstacles to equitable development. Can the upcoming BRICS Summit in New Delhi help drive a new development agenda?
brazil india africa Courtesy: PMO
21 October 2011 Gateway House

India-Brazil: An African collaboration

India and Brazil’s increasing engagement in Africa is a clear sign that both countries are embracing their new roles as global diplomats. By joining forces to bolster Africa’s food security, they have the chance to break ground on a tangible agenda that could have a far-reaching impact on matters of global concern