Deepak Bhojwani

Ambassador Deepak Bhojwani

Former Indian Ambassador

Deepak_Bhojwani_0 Ambassador Deepak Bhojwani joined the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) in 1978. Since then, he has served in three Continents- Asia, Europe and South America - as well as the Ministry of External Affairs located in New Delhi. During his career, he was accredited as Ambassador in seven Latin American countries, being resident Ambassador in Colombia, Venezuela and Cuba, and was Consul General in Sao Paulo, accredited to five southern States of Brazil. He has specialized in analyzing the potential for commercial and economic exchange between Latin America and India, identifying complementarities, cultural peculiarities, and has acquired experience and contacts in several countries where he has worked. His fundamental interest lies in serving as a catalyst to identify and generate opportunities for investment and economic exchanges between India and Latin America. Disclaimer: External experts are not affiliated with Gateway House and have been presented here for reference only.

bilateral trade, diplomacy, economics, Latin America

Last modified: August 9, 2017

Recent projects

A_presidente_Dilma_Rousseff_durante_cerimônia_contra_o_impeachment_em_31_de_março_de_2016 Courtesy: Wikipedia
21 April 2016 Gateway House

Brazil’s hour of reckoning

The recent decision of Brazil's lower house of parliament to impeach President Rousseff has once again brought attention to the country's struggles with corruption. The crisis has already affected Brazil’s economy. Its impact on the region and on Indian businesses in the country is yet to be seen.

bhojwani_0 Courtesy: SamirB37/WikimediaCommons
4 October 2012 Gateway House

Interview: India’s prospects in Latin America

As India looks to diversify its sources for energy imports and grapples with food security issues, it is looking more towards Latin America. Gateway House interviews Ambassador Deepak Bhojwani to discuss India’s prospects with this increasingly significant region.
celac2 Courtesy: Martinmartin/WikimediaCommons
29 June 2012 Gateway House

Regional integration in Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America is witnessing an exponential rise in regional integration of business houses. The resource-rich nature of most Latin American economies has led to an inward concentration of investment, which makes it an extremely interesting prospect for Indian investors.