Modi UAE visit podcast Courtesy:
13 August 2015

Modi needs to reassure the Indian diaspora in the UAE

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to travel to the UAE on August 16 and 17, aside from his meetings with the governing royalty, he'll be connecting with the Indian diaspora there which comprises of 30% of the UAE's population. Neelam Deo discusses how this visit is different from others and what the nations can build on.

Podcast: India-U.S: Surge to $1 trillion by 2030
5 August 2015

Podcast: India-U.S: Surge to $1 trillion by 2030

Gateway House is publishing a book on the U.S.-India partnership and how it can be elevated to $1 trillion by 2030. The book shows how a unique moment exists for the two countries—led be the private sector and NGOs—to create a partnership that boosts quality of life and development in both countries. It contains research from numerous key business leaders, government officials and other experts from across industries in both India and the U.S. Ahead of the launch of the Book, Dev Lewis, Digital Media and Content Coordinator at Gateway House, speaks to Nish Acharya, author of the book and Visiting Fellow, U.S.-India Studies at Gateway House, about the key ideas in the book and his insights into the U.S.-India relationship

BRICS podcast Courtesy:
7 July 2015

BRICS and South Africa (Podcast)

South Africa is the newest member in BRICS and the second largest economy in Africa. Dev Lewis speaks to Sanusha Naidu, Research Associate at the Institute for Global Dialogue in Pretoria, on a range of topics from South Africa's view on BRICS to its position on internet governance and the New Development Bank's regional centre in Africa