The battle for Benaras & Bihar
8 May 2014

The battle for Benaras & Bihar

Be it Benaras which is gearing up for the most crucial battle between BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and the Aam Aadmi Party’s Arvind Kejriwal, or Bihar and U.P. where people are yearning for the ‘Gujarat model’, this election is focusing on some of the substantive issues that impact India

kejriwal-1 Courtesy: vm2827 / Flickr
28 January 2014

Decoding anarchism and swaraj

By calling himself an anarchist, Arvind Kejriwal has started a debate among supporters who equate anarchy with a potential breakdown of law and order. But anarchist philosophers believe that the basis of society is self-governing individuals and not a dominating ruler – an idea similar to Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘swaraj’

looking at the lokpals fine print Courtesy: Nirzardp/WikimediaCommons
4 October 2011

Looking at the Lokpal’s fine print

The anti-corruption protests have offered some suggestions for the media and the cognoscenti to take forward. Now what is required is deeper discussion, which can create an example of a healthy democratic process of citizen participation in governance and policy making.