The Guardian Courtesy: The Guardian
26 March 2014

Alleged Indian Mujahideen chief arrested on border with Nepal

The Guardian newspaper spoke to Sameer Patil, Associate Fellow, National Security, Ethnic Conflict & Terrorism studies, Gateway House on the detention of Tehseen Akhtar from the Indo-Nepal border who is said to be the leader of the Indian Mujahideen terrorist network.

Free News Pos Final Courtesy:
21 February 2014

‘Playing politics’

Free News Pos quoted Neelam Deo, Director, Gateway House on India's apex court's move to stall the release of the men accused of late PM Rajiv' Gandhi's assasination

nam Courtesy: New America Foundation
31 January 2014

Is Brazil Ready For Prime Time?

The New America Foundation quoted Ambassador R. Viswanathan, Distinguished Fellow, Latin America Studies, Gateway House, in a debate on the role Brazil is likely to play on the world stage