Quartz Courtesy: Quartz
30 September 2013

There’s a quiet revolution taking place in Indian manufacturing

Quartz republished George Wyeth’s article on the ongoing changes in the Indian manufacturing sector. He argues that competitive pressure is now forcing a transformation, and explains how new management models now being adopted can change how investors and customers perceive Indian companies

The Hindu Courtesy: The Hindu
24 September 2013

A sugar rush that could fuel the economy

The Hindu republished an article by Gateway House's Ambassador R. Viswanathan on India's extreme dependence on imported energy. He argues that India, being the world’s second-largest producer of sugarcane, should emulate Brazil by replacing petrol with ethanol as fuel

Alibab Courtesy:
25 August 2013

India’s Liberal Agenda

Alibaba.com, an e-commerce website, republished Gateway House's special report titled, 'India's Liberal Agenda.’ This report examines whether traditional liberalism stands a chance in today’s India, where the individual’s role has been nearly subsumed by a dominant state seeking to be benefactor

Zimbabwe: The Road to Stability?
20 August 2013

Zimbabwe: The Road to Stability?

Fair Observer published Gateway House's Michael Kahn's article on Zimbabwe: The Road to Stability? He argues that President Mugabe's re-election means ZANU has now re-established its hegemony in Zimbabwe, allowing the government to advance its economic agenda in concert with parties that abide by its rules.

India-America today Courtesy: India America Today
16 August 2013

Liberalism as enlightened capitalism

India America Today published Tony Fernandes' article that was a part of the Gateway House's Liberal Agenda publication. India-America Today is a news organisation focusing on India and Indian American subjects. He argued that both the private sector and the government must equally do their parts to create an equitable India to sustain economic growth for generations.

India-America today Courtesy: India America Today
14 August 2013

In search of economic liberalism in India

India America Today published Surjit Bhalla's article which originally appeared in Gateway House's Liberal Agenda publication. He argues that the reforms of the early 1990s did not bring economic freedom to a majority of the population, which explains a large proportion of the economic and social ills that affect India today.

India-America today Courtesy:
14 August 2013

A war on terror or an assault on liberal values?

India America Today published Ambassador Shyam Saran's article which was part of Gateway House's Liberal Agenda publication. He argues that the war on terror and the global financial crisis has tilted the balance of authority on the side of the state.

merco press Courtesy: MercoPress - South Atlantic News Agency
20 July 2013

Lessons from India Jindal’s Bolivian investment failure

MercoPress - South Atlantic News Agency republished Ambassador R. Viswanathan's article on the failure of Jindal’s mining and steel project in Bolivia. Ambassador opines that a foreign investment plan should always be corroborated with a proper political risk analysis to ascertain the understanding of local politics and culture.

2point6billion Courtesy: 2point6billion.com
15 July 2013

Can India and China be Friends?

2point6billion.com republished Gateway House's Sameer Patil's review of the book ‘Cinasthana Today: Viewing China from India’. Sameer opines that despite some of its contentious prescriptions, the book is useful for readers as a comprehensive guide to China.